Construction procurement management benefits

Procurement is the process of acquiring the goods and services required for a construction project. This includes the purchasing of all the necessary materials the project requires, looking for the best quality and cost-effective materials, vendors and suppliers for each job.

Construction projects require large amounts of furniture and equipment, which are required timeously and cost effectively, to ensure project completion and operation.

Leveraging our industry knowledge, relationships and good communication, we carefully manage the procurement process, on behalf of our clients, to ensure that goods required are purchased within budget, installed timeously and meet the required quality standards. We take into consideration and place emphasis on:

The steps we take in managing the procurement of a large construction project include:

1. Procurement management plan – this is part of the construction plan and sets out the overall procurement plan.
2. Requests for proposals (RFP) and bid evaluations.
3. Awarding procurement contracts – Once we have analysed all bids, contracts are awarded to the different contractors and suppliers.
4. Procurement monitoring: We manage and monitor the entire procurement process looking at things such as supplier contract compliance and adherence to quality standards and project timelines.
5. Closing out the contract and debriefing.

Utilizing our construction procurement services, simplifies for your development, a rather involving process, from the planning, preparing the design documents for the required work, requesting quotes and proposals, evaluation of bids, specifying contracts with each supplier and vendor, then checking that they all deliver on time to the desired standards. You get assured quality and minimized managed risk.

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