7 Tips for successful construction project management

As construction project managers we are responsible for overseeing and supervising construction projects from start to finish. This can be seen as a daunting task considering the many elements, people and tasks that constitute a big project. Successful project management means that you’re able to finish your project within budget and on time. Here are 7 construction project management tips that are the foundation of every building.

1. Plan and schedule effectively

Our goal is to run a well-oiled machine. All needed materials must be procured and ready on time. Each and every resource that is required to carry out the plan must be available when it is needed. Teams must be scheduled and available to work when they are needed on the project. The plan should have room for agility, it should accommodate unexpected circumstances so that the project can keep moving forward, on schedule.

2. Have the right team in place

It is important that each task has the best people assigned to it, who have the right expertise and experience to do the best job and bring the construction project to life. Each individual should also be well informed of the plan and know what is required of them in the specified timeframe. As project leaders it is up to us to keep every team motivated and enthusiastic about delivering their best on the project.

3. Utilize Real-Time Communication

A construction project involves many parties that include architects, suppliers, developers, subcontractors and interior designers. It is important that everyone is always up to date and knows what is expected of them. As project managers we ensure that there is transparent communication across all teams and that all stakeholders, including our clients, have the information that they need.

4. Monitor project costs closely

Project managers are responsible for tracking and monitoring all costs and ensuring that they stay on budget. We are constantly reviewing costs and tracking every transaction, whilst ensuring that all procurements and services are obtained at the best time, with the highest quality, for the lowest price.

5. Have a risk-management plan

Despite our meticulous planning, something is bound to go wrong when you have so many moving parts. We always have a contingency plan that takes into account everything that can go wrong, budget cuts, weather changes, construction issues, personnel changes amongst other things that are pertinent to a construction project.

6. Stay on schedule

Effective time management, prioritization, and delegation skills are essential in leading a project to successful completion. It all starts at the beginning by formulating a realistic timeline for each step of the project to be completed. This timeline is then rigorously checked daily against the reality on the ground, then updated and all involved parties updated. We are also constantly checking in with each team to ensure that they are not experiencing any roadblocks that can lead to delays. Our priority is always to finish the project within the specified timeline.

7. Choose the right Construction Project Managers

A lot rides on who you choose as your project manager. At Hart Property Development we offer our clients years of hard earned industry expertise. We have project managed some of the countries biggest construction projects. Our Client portfolio speak for itself.

We are dedicated to providing a personized and cost effective management service. Achieving our client’s objectives within budget gives us great joy and we always strive to ensure every aspect of the project is to the highest standards of quality. We have highly skilled professionals who manage all projects from commencement to completion. We work diligently with our clients, architects, interior designers and numerous teams to bring our clients vision to life.

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